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Writing Process: Lets Lick the Words from Our Fingers

One can’t be an expert in process. By its very nature process can’t be mastered. Because it’s not finished. And who knows what will happen next? ~Nancy Mairs, Ordinary Time

I have years of writing stored in my journals and in my computer files. (Maybe you can relate)

While working on my memoir manuscript the other day a question came to me,

If my writing hasn’t been published, is someone reading it?

If it’s true that we live multiple existences in parallel universes then it is possible that my writing in another sphere is being read and even widely distributed.

My night and waking dreams have convinced me that I actually know very little of what is possible. Could it be that the characters in a variety of dreamscapes (both my own and others around the world) are not only reading my writing but helping me to re-write my life stories?

As Nancy Mairs wrote, who knows what will happen next?

Process has no ending. I recognize this even as I work to complete my memoir, I Would Have Named Him Peter.

I write everyday. I start each day handwriting in my journal. I keep my pen moving across the page filling 2-3 pages of my journal or more. My morning writing is a spilling out of whatever is inside me that wants to show up on the page. My dreams are integrated into the body of my daily journal and visual journaling.

In the last year I have been writing in short bursts of 5 minutes. This practice has increased my understanding of the value of being consistent in my writing and has spilled over into other areas of my life. For example, I set the timer for 5, 10, or 30 minutes to organize my studio, add to my visual journal, paint, or do the laundry. If suddenly my puppy, Will, needs my attention or I am distracted from my writing for any number of reasons (happens right?) I can easily stop and shift gears knowing that I can go back to my 5-minutes of writing when I have tended to the matter at hand.

At this point in my memoir writing process I am deepening, shaping, and completing.

I don’t know what will happen next. Isn’t that part of the fun of writing and creating a life?

I hope you will follow along as I discover what’s next in the next autumn, winter, spring and summer of my life. I would love to share those life experiences with you.