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My Northwest Body

Will loved hiking and playing outdoors. We talked about his hopes for a trip to the northwest. He imagined me as his Mom cooking him meals and taking him to places that are special to me on the Olympic peninsula.

No one’s Story is Finished ~Rachel Naomi Remen

The northwest is home. I feel her dampness in my bones. Rain cleanses and heals as I focus on each present moment.

My Rainshadow Body

…is no longer afraid of the Boogie man, running home breathlessly in the dark.

…climbs trees and over fences, loves dogs and horses.

Will © Mary Alice Long

My Animal Body

…is also a red-tailed hawk, raven, sparrow, robin.

…a black-tail deer, Roosevelt elk, harbor seal, orca, sea otter, Olympic marmot.

My Tree Body

…is Douglas and subalpine fir, salal, cedar.

…is boundless and has clear boundaries

…is a dreamer.

Rooted Map © Mary Alice Long

Olympic Peninsula

The present moment is filled with joy and happiness. If you are attentive, you will see it.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Each moment that I bend down to lightly touch a wildflower on the meadow’s edge, look up and notice the clouds drifting between the mountain peaks, or listen to understand Raven’s call brings me happiness. It’s all I need. No more.

Each moment that I…take a photo of subalpine fir tree roots, dig my toes into the sand following a storm, witness a doe leading her newly born twin fawns into the woods, sit by a pond and wait as witness to the unfolding I am remembering.

Each moment I am. The soulfulness of playing. Help me remember.
Rooted Map 2 © Mary Alice Long
Hurricane Ridge Spreading Phlox © Mary Alice Long

Practicing playing in the everyday is not difficult. Do you take your thoughts seriously? We all do. Hold those serious thoughts of yours with a light touch and bring yourself back to each precious moment.

What [moment] is it?” asked Pooh. “It’s this [playful moment],” squeaked Piglet. “My favourite [moment],” said Pooh.

in Gratitude to A A Milne

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Play and Relationships: Synchronicities & Communication

One evening, a couple of weeks ago, I watched ‘Forrest Gump’. I haven’t seen or really thought much about this film since it came out in 1981. The next day and ongoing over a couple of weeks, I started hearing Forrest’s name and “Run Forrest”. Not once, not twice, but multiple times.

Some examples:

  • On the ferry traveling to my daughter’s home for my grand-twins birthday party I heard a man say Forrest Gump’s name and then he yelled “Run Forrest, Run!”
  • During Sunday Morning NPR I listened to an interview with a singer-songwriter and heard her say, “Don’t Stop Running across the Finish Line”
  • “Keep Running!”
  • In an earlier podcast, I speak about how writer and creative coach, Julie Jordan Scott, used the metaphor of ‘crossing the finish line’ as a writing prompt during a recent Perioscope episode. I shared my writing following that episode. I drew myself crossing the finish line in my journal.

Now I see myself saying, I’m not Stopping Running across that Finish Line!

In a recent interview, Alan Alda, a well-known actor and writer, talked about communication. He reflected during the interview on how he was at one time talking with a woman and only seeing her as a ‘blob’. He thought he was attending to the person but discovered that he really was talking at her, not with her. He was not seeing her.

Synchronicities (meaningful coincidences) are all around us. However, if we are closed off, have our boundaries closed, are not receptive–we don’t notice and can’t see what is right in our space.

Real, deeply felt communication happens when we attend and are present to the other person’s needs.

Synchronicities and heart-felt connections are important parts of our lives that offer us opportunities for joy, meaning, optimal health, and real connection.

What synchronicities do you notice?

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