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The Way to Live: Vulnerability

Vulnerability is our most accurate measurement of courage. ~Brene Brown

March 5th

my surrogate son’s 29th birthday. I’m en-couraged….

Photo Credit: Jen Adam

by recent research showing that mothers and their children carry each other’s cells throughout their lives. I haven’t seen my surrogate son since shortly after his birth. News of this research creates a feeling of connection that I can hold onto [alongside so many other birth mothers who haven’t been in touch with their children].

This same news also makes me feel more vulnerable somehow…

I’m pregnant and carrying this news but at the same time am no closer to knowing how he is, what his life has been like over the last 29 years.

Does he know our story and how he came to be?


I’ll be posting parts of my memoir on medium.com

and continuing to perform and help others create their own Archival Memoir Project.
The Archival Memoir Project is a visionary project that encourages people of all ages to claim what is unique about their personal story – and then share their story with others in a variety of playful and creative ways.

My personal “archival memoir project” includes a written memoir, performances, collection of images, dreams, and letters inspired by the birth of my surrogate son in 1987. A series of dreams and meaningful connections led me to the realization that my memoir was not meant to be a solo performance. Instead, I realized I was being called to tend a play-based, archival memoir project that will help others share their own personal and collective stories to create meaning and purpose in the lives of many individuals and communities. 

My project includes written memoir, images, and performance. Another project might include film, visual art, and music. Yet another might include drawings, puppets and poetry. Another, a scientific research project, dance and coloring books. There are so many ways a life can be told … come and explore and discover YOUR STORY. and its POSTPARTUM [or what you learned as a result of your experience, collecting of treasures, life experience].

Listen on ‘Creativity in Play’ as I share more about the Archival Memoir Project and Active Dreaming.

Archival Memoir Project Performance
So  real, embodied, playful story telling. Archetypal made tangible. You make it clear that getting in touch with, and living from the heart is natural and simple…. though quite hidden, and perhaps scary for most modern people…..  And a sometimes struggle, ….but something which can be taught/discovered and shared together, playfully and creatively. 
Here is my bravo…. but the story is ongoing…..I now have a deeper understanding of how playfulness can be a medium of understanding…. for one thing it can help us deal with the “scaries” as it lets us interact with ourselves…. and there are many more.
~Betsy Wetzig, Allentown, PA
Interested in joining an ‘Archival Memoir Project’ Group and create your own AMP? or would you prefer a customized play retreat just-for-you?
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Listening to the Inner Ear’s Vestibular System: Waiting to Enter the Sanctuary

Playing in the Everyday: Storm

Another storm is rolling in off the Strait. Michael is on his way to his oncology visit. I’m sitting on the couch writing while our basset hound puppy takes a nap, rain on windowpane

I’m continuing to play with my inner ear dream. My dreams lead me to what is important in my life. They ask me to pay attention. This dream is another good example and inspiration for me to stay the course and move ahead. Saying yes to what is given and seeing what happens next is all part of my playful journey.

Playing in the Everyday: Lets See What Happens

Often when I write it takes a while for me to get to the inner core. My dream of my ear covered and then clearing away the debris to get to the inner ear offers me clues, advice, counsel. The inner ear is like a labyrinth with structures, channels, and connections. Mine look healthy albeit with a few broken links.

Playing in the Everyday: Fantastic Journey

I’m reminded of a film I loved to watch in my youth. In this film voyagers explore the inner workings of the body. I’m drawn to do the same–to go back into my dream and voyage to the inside of my inner ear.

Playing in the Everyday: Vestibule

I have often entered a church through its vestibule. Over the years I have stopped and visited churches when traveling and felt a sense of balance when entering the portal that leads to the body of the church.

Playing in the Everyday: Finding Equilibrium

I go back to the vestibule to find balance again and again.

  • I find balance by playing with divergent ideas and people.
  • I find balance by noticing and then reflecting on my experiences.
  • I find balance through meditation and curiosity.
  • I find balance by going with the flow and not forcing.

I find balance by being forgiving of myself and others again and again…Forgiveness


Playing in the Everyday: Forgiveness

Forgiveness lives in my body. Play is a great way (the only way for me!) to find a balancing point where I can let go of past wounds,

Let go of the betrayals, resentments, broken hearts of my past (which also live in my body).



  • By balancing the part of me that strives, pushes, and prods [often linked with my critics]
  • By balancing the part of me that wants to make sense of it all, control, and is somewhat obsessive about the whole matter
  • By balancing the part of me that is open, visionary, exploring, wants to take off and spin a bit without care

I can try again to forgive myself for what I haven’t done (omissions)

I can try again to forgive myself for what I’ve done to others with negative results (commissions)[nothing is linear here]

I can try again to forgive myself my trespasses.


I can try again to forgive betrayals I can’t seem to let go of….

I can try again to forgive my own betrayals of my natural, playful self [the last two play off of each other]


Playing in the Everyday: A Recurring Dream

I have been receiving a recurring dream (1994-present). The dream characters change with the theme: Forgiveness

Sometimes I am shunned, ignored, dismissed.

Sometimes I am applauded, supported.

Playing in the Everyday: Active Imagination

Inner Ear: What do you have to tell me? I ask. “Those small connections are too small for you to see normally but they are working for you, helping you–listen, listen…

Playing in the Everyday: Do you Hear what I Hear?

Gently I am listening. I’m concerned about my small, broken bones but not overly concerned because laughter arises when I ‘listen’ to the connections my dreams bring me.