Seasons of Change: Stillness, New Growth, Abundance, Harvest

Winter is the season of stillness. For many of us it is a time of slowing down and renewal.

The seasons of winter, spring, summer, and autumn do not necessarily match what we are feeling in the depths of our soul. It is winter but I am feeling more like summer.

I am celebrating a recent phone call from my surrogate son and the opportunity I was given to help him learn about his story and fill a gap in his life that can now be healed and transformed.

I am actively working on completing my memoir, I Would Have Named Him Peter, for publication and continue to be engaged in the larger memoir project which includes my written memoir, performance, images, dreams, and letters.

I am creating new programs that fill me with anticipation in what is to be…moving ahead with a joyful heart this winter knowing that I am exactly where I need to be, attending to what I am called to offer through my play-based, depth-oriented writing and practice.

If you were to choose the season you feel most alive in now, which season would that be?

What can that season help you understand about your writing and your unique playful journey?

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