Permission Granted

Permission to play with a soft focus so you can relax into life.

Permission to worry, to obsess, to write, to be a bit antsy. To just breathe, walk slowly, and write in your journal again and again.

Permission to bend like a small branch or ground your Self with deep roots. Permission to change your mind; to use off-colored language, swear words; to use words that a nice girl doesn’t say. Permission to eat too many potato chips and, then, indulge by eating a pint of chocolate mint ice cream. Permission to prepare, savor, and sip a cup of hot, ginger-mint tea while listening to an audio that brings laughter because you have been there and because the woman speaking helps give you permission to raise your voice and sing your song. Permission to just sit and observe the shadows created on your deck when the sun shines on the snowy porch rails. Permission to listen to the rush of cars going too fast driving by your home. Permission to not enjoy noise that mask the bird songs and the quiet you love. Permission to call out as Raven in 1000 voices-irreverent and trickster-ish. Permission to ignore the dust and listen to your love’s concerns. Permission to say something hurtful and make amends. Permission to cry while watching a romantic comedy. Permission to not explain why you are crying. Permission to write and let your nose drip because you are in flow and you don’t want to stop to find a Kleenex. Permission to not be totally prepared but to go ahead anyway and do the thing… Permission to wait for inspiration. Permission to give all you can when you want to and to laugh at what others take seriously.

Permission to reach out and ask for help and permission to be disappointed.

Permission to keep at it. Permission to realize that even the best of intentions don’t always produce the intended results. Permission to be okay with that.

Permission to stop when it’s time and continue if you haven’t said it all.

~Permission Granted

6 thoughts on “Permission Granted”

    1. Thank you for your comment. A deepening of permission-giving is flowing naturally as I practice the art of playing in the everyday moments of life. The people and situations that spark laughter are ‘permission-givers’. So often I am responding to something in those people or situations that I would like to give myself permission to do. It time! and I’m listening and responding. When I fully embrace ‘permission granted’ I can help others to say yes to life without concern for what others may think or feel uncomfortable with when tears flow, or ecstatic joy emerges!

  1. Honored for the mention. Thank you, Mary Alice.
    I love your powerful and creative way with words. You have expanded on the intention of our Wisdom Tea and brought it more life.
    Giving ourselves permission is such a gift. Thank you for reminding us how many ways we can begin to give ourselves permission to live and love.
    Gratitude hugs <3

    1. Karen, since Monday’s ‘Wisdom Tea’ the subject of permission giving has come up multiple times. I met with a woman yesterday at her home for her ‘play retreat’. She showed me many ways she plays in her life yet she doesn’t see herself as playful.

      I am grateful that I am able to write honestly so that I can support myself and others to give ourselves permission to become, to perform our lives, to play and create lives that come from the heart. What we deserve is so often in our ‘shadow’, unseen but not forgotten by our psyche-body-spirit-soul.

  2. Mary, I like the way that you specifically give yourself permission to do these things. It makes it such a meaningful and deliberate process, as opposed to something that just happened.

    1. Thank you Jo. I intentionally wrote this diving-deep post as a poetic piece to play with ‘permission-giving’ in a meaningful way. What else can I give myself permission to play with and create today?

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