Turning Points & my Playful (Soulful) Home

[My teacher] always said that if your writing is good, it will find a home without a lot of hustling and scheming. And he was right–once my writing was ready, things had a way of falling into place. ~ Mary Yukari Waters

Play in the Everyday: a Place where I feel most at home in my Body & Spirit

Celebrating our one year anniversary.   The north Olympic Peninsula is now home.

I first visited the Hoh rainforest, Kalaloch, and Hurricane Ridge when I was a girl.

Nature‘s playground.

I am playfully writing and creating supported by nature’s inspirations. When I return from my daily walks and play dates I find myself renewed and ready to take a few more steps on my playful journey.

At the same time, I’m playing and creating with no great highs (mountains) or lows (valleys). I hold onto a commitment to stay with what is ‘simmering’ on the stove.












Play in the Everyday: Home to Play

I’m playing with what comes easily and with challenges.

I’m playing with the sadness and loss I feel when I don’t have the kind of open-hearted exchange with my adult children that I would like. I’m playing with being a Nana who recognizes missed opportunities to strengthen my relationship with my grandchildren that pass by without a word.

I’m playing by writing, dance, painting, photography as I choose compassionate ways to share my feelings of loss as a mother and grandmother and my desire to love those I care about most.


I’m playing with small. Keeping it small–not too big.

I’m playing with what to include or have on hand as possibilities that can emerge.

I’m playing with impatience and feelings of failure (can you relate? part of the process, isn’t it?)

I’m playing with juggling and containers. I’m playing with what my body knows about waiting and ripeness.

I’m playing with re-visiting the same spots and re-living them again and again. The next time I visit that same spot its as if I have never been there before.

I’m playing with reading what I’ve written in past journals, on blogs, as social media posts, play notes, articles, and poems that are part of my archives. When I play in this way I am witness both to common threads and emerging themes of forgiveness, late-life transformation, and stories yet to be shared.

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