Different Flavors: Waiting, Not Waiting, and my Cranky Creator

composingacreativelifeThe life I am creating includes a reflective practice in the art of playing in the everyday.

That life includes digging into boxes still unpacked and different flavors of ‘waiting’ and ‘not waiting’.

Playing in the Everyday: My Cranky Creator

My Creator gets cranky when She has to wait. Unexpected responsibilities that pop up in the moment and old patterns can sabotage my Creator.

Eventually the pressure builds up and I feel like I’m being stretched in way too many directions. Instead of observing and listening to my impulses I find myself pushing for time to play and create meaning in my life.

I’m a great believer in timelines and the buried synchronicities that can be found there. As I age these timelines help me to revisit my development and meaningful connections that in hindsight are all too obvious. I can see through these timelines and my journal entries that pushing things along does work in the short run. However, at this stage of my development, I prefer waiting as a playful observer who takes playful notes and moves ahead actively when an opening emerges.





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