Memoir Project

An Invitation to Create & Share Your Story

My play-based memoir project includes my forthcoming written memoir, performances, dreams, letters, and a collection of images inspired by the birth of my surrogate son in 1987. A series of dreams and synchronicities has helped me understand that my memoir is not meant to stand alone.

I am also creating a collective play-based, depth-oriented memoir project so others (like you!) can share your stories.

Applause for Mary Alice’s Memoir Project Performances:

         So you!  and yet you reporting on you.

Full out Swing art.  So  real, embodied, playful….and story telling. Archetypal made tangible.

You make it clear that getting in touch with, and living from the heart is natural and simple…. though quite hidden, and perhaps scary for most modern people…..  And a sometimes struggle, ….but something which can be taught/discovered and shared together, playfully and creatively. Here is my bravo…. but the story is ongoing….

I now have a deeper understanding of how playfulness can be a medium of understanding…. for one thing it can help us deal with the “scaries” as it lets us interact with ourselves.

How You Can Get Involved in the Memoir Project:

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